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Kentucky Health Care Training Institute

3010 Taylor Springs Drive
Louisville, KY 40220
Phone 502-458-4570
Fax 502-458-4240


The school is now in its 30th year of training nurse aides. The school is licensed by the State Board for Proprietary Education and approved by the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services to offer nurse aide training. As a group, the instructors have over 40 years of health care teaching experience and are dedicated to training quality nurse aides. The school is centrally located and on a TARC bus line.

Program costs: Tuition: $545, textbook: $95, mandatory background report: $30, liaility insurance: $35, state testing fee: $125 for a total of $830.00

The total 75- hour nurse aide training takes 10 days (2 weeks). The student will need a uniform (any color or style) for the course. This will be worn on both classroom and clinical days. The cost of the uniform is not included in the tuition charge.


Class schedules are as follows:


Class start dates: 10/9/2023, 11/6/2023, 12/11/2023

Classroom days: 8:00AM-4:00PM,  Clinical days: 6AM -2:30 PM

Payment plan- 2 payments

$350.00 due the day of enrollment.
$225.00 tutition/Background Check Fee + 95.00 textbook + 35.00 insurance for total $355.00 due the first day of class.
Payment must be made in the form of a money order or certified check made out to KENTUCKY HEALTH CARE TRAINING INSTITUTE or VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVERY CREDIT CARD
If tuition is being paid through an agency by means of voucher system, all payments must be made before a transcript or certificate of completion will be released

Please call 502-458-4570 or click contact to set an appointment to complete the registration form. You must bring the following with you at your enrollment appointment: insurance. You can purchase the insurance through the school for an additional $35.00.

State Testing Fees: State tests cost 125.00 for the written and skills portions combined (50.00 + 85.00 separately). There is an oral option for the written portion for 65.00 for thos who should need it.  Payment must be presnted prior to scheduling.

Regarding tuberculosis testing: Per 902 KAR 20:205, a "Two-step TST test or two-step testing means a series of two (2) TST's administered seven (7) to twenty one (21) days apart and used for the baseline skin testing of persons who will receive serial TST's, including health care workers and residents of long term care settings, to reduce the likelihood of mistaking a boosted reaction for a new infection."
1. Results of a TWO-STEP negative Tuberculin PPD skin test. If the applicant does not have this at enrollment, it must be provided the first day of class. If this is not provided the first day of class, the student will not be able to start the class at that time. There will be no refund of any charges already paid.

2. The application for enrollment. (Enclosed) This should be completed before you get here.

3. A non-refundable deposit (see above). The balance must be paid the day of the class start. PERSONAL CHECKS, DEBIT CARDS OR CASH WILL NOT BE TAKEN FOR PAYMENT. You can pay with a money order, certified check or VISA/MC/DISCOVER CREDIT CARDS. Once the deposit is made, the student has 90 days to start the class. After 90 days the deposit will be forfeited.


All students must have the textbook/workbook package Mosby’s Long-Term Care Nursing Assistant by Sorrentino/Gorek. This can be obtained Gray’s Bookstore, JCC bookstore or purchased at the school either on the day of enrollment or the first day of class.

REFUND POLICY:   There is no refund on any of the tuition or insurance charges.
Once a student is enrolled in a class, a $50 charge will be assessed if the student changes the start date of the class or does not show up for the class. If the student misses any part of the scheduled days, he or she will be charged a $50 fee before the missed time is rescheduled. If the student misses more than 2 days he or she will have to pay the full tuition charge before being put into a new class.

Please note:  You must have malpractice insurance to attend the program. You may provide this on your own or purchase it through the school.

If you have a felony criminal conviction on record, you will not be accepted into the program. Any monies paid will not be refunded. A background check/ abuse registry check will be done. You will be obligated to adhere to any local, state or federal regulations as part of the enrollment process and during the nurse aide training program.

In order to keep the tuition costs low, the school will be unable to provide any outside services or adaptive devices. If the student needs these services or devices, the school will try to make accommodations for the student if they provide these at their own cost.



Please fill out this application and bring with you at the time of your enrollment

Name ____________________________________________________            

Address __________________________________________________            

City, State, Zip Code ________________________________________            

Phone Number ___________________       Social Security Number ______________            

Email Address___________________                                                 ______________            

Are you a nursing student?  Yes  __________     No  _______________            

If yes, what school do you attend? ______________________________            

Do you plan to take the state exam at the end of your training?   Yes _____   No _____            

How did you hear about the school?  ______________________________________

Date of class preferred  ________________________________

Signature  _____________________________________ Date: _______________

Directions to the school


From I-264 Watterson Xway- Take Taylorsville Road South exit. You will cross over Breckenridge Lane and Hunsinger Lane. Keep going on Taylorsville Road past the shopping center on the right. Go through the next stop light after the one into the shopping center (McMahan Blvd.). Right after this stop light, there will be a driveway (Taylor Springs) on the right. Take this driveway to the end and turn right. Turn right again and you are in the school parking lot. Come into the building and take the stairs to the lower level.



From I 265(Gene Snyder). Take the Taylorsville Road North exit. Continue on Taylorsville Road through Jeffersontown and go across Hursbourne Parkway. Continue on Taylorsville Road past the next 2 stop lights. Before the third stop light (Browns Lane/McMahan Road) take a left into the driveway marked Taylor Springs. Take this driveway to the end and turn right. Turn right again and you are in the school parking lot. Come into the building and take the stairs to the lower level.


From I 65. Take this to I 264 East and follow the directions listed above. (Coming from Indiana you can take I65 South, coming from Elizabethtown and areas near there take I 65 North).

From I 64- If you are coming from the Lexington, Frankfort or Shelbyville area take I 64 West to I 264 East and follow the directions above. If you are coming I64 from Indiana, downtown, or the Crescent Hill area take I 64 East to I 264 and follow the directions above.

To get bus information call TARC at 585-1234.The intersection is Taylorsville Road and McMahan Blvd.